No title (for realz :))

ImageIf you want to lead, you don’t need to know everything or do everything. 
You just need to give people a way of trying.

I seem to enjoy taking LONG breaks between blog posts. I think it’s because — well, wait, who am I kidding – I don’t have a ton of spare time. Which leads me to this blog post…

The past 2 years (to be exact) I’ve really struggled with my profession. What – you say? You can struggle by being a yoga teacher?? and the answer is YES. There is SO MUCH JUDGEMENT within the yoga world — it makes me sick. I will admit – I’ve fallen prey – but I quickly get myself right back out of it. The only think I will stand by anymore is – You must be trained, you must be registered and you must StUdY — If you’re not doing those things, then please do not teach yoga. Too much can happen, too much liability… and truthfully – seeing as NONE of us do it as we really should (ie: 1 on 1 setting, working with the body in front of you) — then it’s our duty to make sure we are R E A D Y.

But this is not why I’m writing today. I’m writing because it finally has clicked for me. It’s been over 8 years, a lot of teachers, a lot of friends gone wrong, a lot of trying to prove myself, accomplish something, a lot of judgement – for me to finally get to this. Teach what you love and love what you teach! — I know – so simple.

Not really… See, I love it all. I love Yin, I love flow, I love Ashtanga, I love Universal, I love Restorative…. the list GOES ON…. so what do I do? I S T R U G G L E D. Other’s felt the need to tell me I was lost – perhaps in the moment they were right – but their idea of me being lost wasn’t really what was going on. Many told me I had to follow “1 way” – WHAT???? Other’s told me I needed a Guru… hmmmmm…. we’ll see (I thought so too), Other’s told me I needed to certify in ONE style and stick with it, that idea made me cringe.

What every teacher has taught me is that yoga should evolve – so shouldn’t I? Shouldn’t I want to explore all these different styles? Learn as MUCH as I can and then in the best way I know how go and spread the news? Share the word? Teach from my heart – teach what I love? 

Why isn’t this ok? Well, it is!! It’s also OK to practice and teach 1 way! Do what you love, love what you do — and that is all that matters!

So, today as I sit here, this is what I am. I am an Ashtanga Yoga practitioner 3x per week on my own kitchen floor. I lead Vinyasa yoga classes (vinyasa = “to place in a special way”). I go to studios and take classes like Yin, Prana Flow, Slow Flow, Universal Yoga and much more. I teach 5 year olds, 10 year olds 14 year olds, young adults, adults and so on. I manage a studio, I love business – I lead teacher trainings and I also live my life. So you see – perhaps this is why blogs come few and far between, I’m living, breathing  loving and practicing this thing called Yoga (*I also don’t have time to take fancy pictures of me doing fancy poses all over the place ;))— and most importantly – I am a mother of 2 gorgeous girls, I am married to my best friend, I am a sister a daughter and someone who is just trying to figure it out along with all of you 1 day, 1 step, 1 yoga posture at a time.

Join me on the mat – won’t you? — find out when I’m teaching!

Peace out – M