Welcome 2015


I’m super psyched to start a new year. But not anymore psyched than I was to start yesterday or the day before. Since my last post (which seemed epic and I felt as if I could never write again) Every day I wake up – I’m psyched.

I feel like writing today is so cliche – like, ok, it’s a new year therefore everyone is going to be blogging about keeping resolutions, what we should and should not be eating, doing, exercising etc… But that’s not what this is going to be about. Today, I’m writing because I feel inspired to just say thank you to EVERYONE who has crossed my path in the past.

I’m here today because of you

I’m who I am today because of you

I love, I feel, I AM because of you

YOU are part of me, and each time I see something good, something bad or something different in you, it’s a part of me that I’m reflecting on in the same way. So, thank you to everyone and let’s make this new year, this new day AWESOME.

From my family to yours, these 4 pieces of me and pieces of you – we wish you the most Awesome New Year…

be strong. be awesome. be YOU.