Repost – Mirror Mirror

Repost – Mirror Mirror

I recently wrote a blog for the studio where I teach — it’s about our expectations… really when you boil it down. We are always looking to others to blame or celebreate for how WE feel vs sitting back and looking at our own selves. 

As yoga teachers – we are always open to criticism. That class was good, that sequence sucked, her practice is that, his is that… while some of this *can* impact your experience, I would suggest why it impacts our experience is because it’s either a) pushing our buttons and we don’t like it or b) supporting a behavior (good or bad) that we are ready to want or change for ourselves – or c) we really are ressonating with the teaching of the teacher at that time in our life – but really all the teacher is doing is bringing what we already know to light…

And yes, you can take a REALLY bad yoga class, you can have a REALLY bad experience with a friend or job etc — but the MAJORITY of the time – it’s us and only us who we need to “blame” – good or bad!

Love – Marcia